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Pauline Shaw, Director of Care & Service Development

"What Park Grove did so brilliantly was to seamlessly integrate elements in the interior design and layout which meets the high dependency care needs of our residents but in a subtle, non-institutional way.  The team appealed to resident’s senses and the important history of the Charity by the use of clever techniques with colour, texture, shape and variety.  The end result is that residents, relatives and staff have been delighted with a building interior design which brings joy, a sense of something a bit different and feeling of being at home."

Pauline Shaw, Director of Care & Service Development The Royal Star & Garter
Mike Barter, Chief Executive

"One of the Charity’s key aspirations was to provide its precious residents with a homely environment.  Consequently, from the onset, our aim was to achieve an interior design that created a ‘home’ rather than a 'nursing home'.  The reactions generated by the new home amongst our residents their relatives and staff have been tremendous.  This level of success does not happen by chance; Park Grove's creative ability and enthusiasm were instrumental in terms of solving the numerous challenges associated with the clash between clinical functionality needs and the pursuit of a 'homely’ environment."  

Mike Barter, Chief Executive The Royal Star & Garter
James Hemming, General Manager

"They created an end result that we could not fault in any way. We would have no hesitation in recommending to another business and will look forward to working with them again."

James Hemming, General Manager Highbullen Hotel Golf & Country Club
James Dopson, General Manager

“I really am very happy with how it looks, like a totally different room. It's so lovely to have a real restaurant that we can be proud of after all these years. I can't wait to see it being used.”

James Dopson, General Manager Deans Place Hotel
Jo Allen, Director of Development

All the furniture, fittings and soft furnishings were selected with great care and were delivered on time and on budget with acute attention to detail.

Jo Allen, Director of Development Dukes Mews
Susie Gowenlock, Owner

"They were helpful, professional, highly communicative, efficient, showed great levels of flexibility and their expertise has given a new identity to our hotel."

Susie Gowenlock, Owner Highbullen Hotel Golf & Country Club
James Hemming, General Manager

“The concept designs and delivered project of all areas worked on were excellent. From the moment we started working with them we had full confidence in their ability and skills.”

James Hemming, General Manager Highbullen Hotel Golf & Country Club
Siobhan Creighton, Director of Human Resources

"Every person who walks through the door gets the initial wow factor and continues to be delighted as they turn each and every corner.  It really is a pleasure showing people around and seeing the expression on their faces."

Siobhan Creighton, Director of Human Resources The Royal Star & Garter

We would not have done our re-development project without them.

V. Adler

The company come up with good concepts that allow function and design to both succeed. Maintenance concerns were addressed throughout the projects and a good balance between quality and durability was found.

William Florence Rhapsody in Silk
Jo Allen, Director of Development

Working with the team was an absolute dream. The creative ideas produced were stylish, contemporary and beautiful – all perfectly suited to the project.

Jo Allen, Director of Development Dukes Mews

The company is "sympathetic to the clients' needs and while giving good advice and guidance along the way. Impeccable taste and judgement.

B. Daley

They take time to understand our needs in the nicest, most efficient way imaginable. The client definitely comes first.

D. Hannam

We are most grateful for the experience we had working with them. Their knowledge was very valuable to us and they always replied immediately and always in a cheerful manner. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this work without their help and experience.

J. Marks

They are good listeners and do not have an agenda or push a preconceived plan. The team were successful at integrating budget constraints into the project and at "value engineering" projects during review sessions.

William Florence Classic Living