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Less is actually more if you’re working to a fixed or tight budget.  If you keep to plain quality textiles and furniture, the best you can afford, you won’t go far wrong.  The majority of furniture pieces and soft furnishings are best devoid of ‘twiddly bits,’ a term coined by a Project Manager I work with.  Romo fabrics makes a most desirable medium-weight and sensibly priced linen called ‘Linara’ in so many colours one is bound to suit your scheme.  It comes with or without fire treatment and for items like bed throw and cushions it can be machine washed at low temperature.  Keep the rooms simple and clean and add splashes of colour through a framed print or cushions.  These can be changed to create fresh schemes cost-effectively.

Having something unique in your guest accommodation can separate you from your competition while also creating talking points.  Antique markets and car boot sales are the place to shop! A quirky piece or two gives a room character.  It doesn’t have to be your favourite object, but it does need to be memorable.