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The latest bathroom trend is tile formats of 120 x 60cm or even up to 120 x 120 cm.  As tile sizes are large now the next trend will probably be to go small, so if your en-suite sizes are not generous don’t despair.  

Sealed stone is still very popular but you may wish to consider an antiqued or dimpled finish.  In addition to adding a slight non-slip property this type of finish can also cause the rather unexpected benefit of feeling soft underfoot even though it is a hard surface. 

Riven slate also has minor non-slip properties but please note that it also tends to show hard water marks which can become imbedded even in a sealed tile if not maintained properly.

For a true non-slip surface and certainly for a wet room we recommend a surface rating of at least R10 to R11. Mosaics offer a good solution as attractive tiles with this rating can be difficult to source.

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